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Get fit with GetFit

Now we're into a New Year, why not get fit with some help from our new getfit website. With a complete range of new content and features at your fingertips, getting fit should become a little easier with the knowledge that we can help you with our tools and professional advice.

Creates and manages truly personalized health and fitness programs taking account of your goals and lifestyle profile.

$10 per month

  • Let Get Fit create your health and fitness programs or do it yourself
  • Video demonstrations and lessons of all exercises
  • Designed for all fitness levels
  • Access to equipment is not a necessity
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Find out more about working out your favourite muscle groups, from bicpes to hamstrings, quads to glut's. We've got plenty of detailed information to keep you very busy indeed.

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When you're looking to find information about weight loss or slimming through exercise, check out our new section to find simple, informative ideas and suggestions from our experts.

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Treadmills, elliptical trainers, skipping ropes or just mats, using the right gear will help you to stay focussed and motivated on your quest for fitness - so use our simple information to get started.

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Think about a tailor-made online fitness tool to meet your needs - wouldn't it be great? Track your progress, watch exercise videos, plan your workouts and exercises and more.

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So wherever you choose to go with your fitness regime,look to get even fitter with useful support and advice from the GetFit team.

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